Yacht Management

Yacht Management

BVI Yacht Management Services

Our professional yacht management service is designed for owners who are not based full time in the BVI and/or whose boats are not in regular use.

When 123 Hulls manages your yacht you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that when you do arrive to use your boat, everything is in working water and you can set sail right away.

You’ll need a reputable yacht management service if:

  • Your vessel does not currently have a full-time captain
  • You do not live on-island
  • Your vessel is for sale and not used by you
  • Your captain/crew are on a leave
  • You do not employ a full-time captain due to lack of use

Our basic BVI yacht management package includes:

  • Developing & implementing a preventative maintenance plan
  • Monthly reporting and management statement
  • Accounting and payment of all invoices relating to vessel
  • Weekly inspection of vessel –engine compartment, bilges, electrical and mechanical, etc.

We also offer the following additional services, so that you can tailor your yacht management package to your specific boat:

  • Complete exterior detailing and waxing
  • Interior detailing
  • Bottom cleaning
  • Haul-outs arranged
  • Hurricane repositioning
  • Dockage and mooring facilities arranged

When the time comes to use your yacht, we can also assist with find you a licensed captain and crew for the duration of your visit, and organize provisioning and yacht catering.

Yacht Deliveries

Should you want your boat moved, we can arrange the yacht delivery for you.

We can either find you a delivery captain and crew to sail the boat to your chosen destination, or we can arrange for it to be shipped using a worldwide yacht transport service.

Contact us for more information.