Selling your Yacht

Selling your Yacht

Trust 123 Hulls with your Sale

If you are in the market for selling your yacht, 123 Hulls can assist you:

We work hand in hand with our clients to guide and advise on every aspect of the sale.

Ultimately our goal is to ensure that the process is smooth and trouble-free.

  • Through our extensive data base of vessels for sale, recently sold boats and industry contacts we can help you to assess the true value of your yacht in the current market and assist in presenting a fair market value in an effort to attract qualified potential buyers, and make selling your yacht transpire as quickly as possible.
  • Make suggestions to help the owner to prepare his vessel for sale by suggesting a comprehensive program that can include improving cosmetics, possible repairs or service work to be performed, or the repositioning or relocation to a more advantageous location to help accelerate the selling process.
  • From the time you sign your central listing agreement our expert team will work together to identify the market for selling your yacht and will ensure impressive results from a wide variety of marketing efforts.
  • With our current marketing we strive to reach as broad a market as possible by utilizing web based advertising in North America, Europe, and the Far East. In addition we employ select print media, local boat shows, and draw upon our extensive network of international brokerage contacts to place your vessel in front of as many qualified prospects as possible.
  • We are always exploring new sales and marketing techniques to stay at the forefront of the industry and to evolve our strategic marketing plans for our client’s vessels.
  • Part of the ongoing process is to keep in constant communication with market updates, response to our advertising programs for your listing, ongoing enquiries, and any changes to the circumstances surrounding the sale of your vessel.
  • We will organize private showings, help with the logistics and arrangements for prospective buyers or their agents to make showing and selling your yacht as easy as possible in our Caribbean location. Always attempt to ensure a member of our staff is present at showings to ensure the most knowledgeable and professional presentation of your vessel and her features is provided, and to personally safeguard your vessel and her equipment.
  • Organize surveys by providing potential purchasers with a comprehensive list of local qualified surveyors where ever the sale transpires.
  • Organize closings and ensure that all the required paperwork and documentation is completed in a timely, thorough, and correct manner. Handle and finalize the financial aspects of the sale by providing necessary paperwork to banks, taking charge of bank payoffs, and distributing the required funds to all parties.
  • Assist with financing options when necessary by offering referrals to qualified professionals specializing in the marine finance industry.
  • Organize insurance when required by assisting with marine insurance industry contacts to deal with any specialized requirements and ensure that the necessary paperwork is forwarded to the correct people in a timely fashion.
  • Organize all documentation by providing referrals to documentation agents to handle the complicated and complex process involved in international registration of a yacht.
  • Organize dockage when necessary by utilizing our local contacts in the marine industry.
  • Organize photography and video if applicable, for clients located in geographical locations where it is not practical for our staff to assist with the photographing of their vessel.